Check out These Travel Tips for South Africa.


Tuning in to Tourism Radio
A South African company has become the first in the world to successfully launch a dedicated tourism radio station. Tourism Radio uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to give visitors a guided tour in their rental cars, offering them information as they travel that fits the places they travel through.

Take a buddy on your travels
Tourists in search of a welcoming, anxiety-free holiday in SA can link up with Travel Buddy, a network of volunteers who look out for travellers, welcoming and advising them and, most of all, making sure they are safe.

Getting to South Africa
There is more than one way of getting to South Africa. If you're really adventurous, you could sail here or, if you have the time, travel over Africa overland. Flying, of course, remains the most practical choice.

Getting around South Africa - UBER - Discounts for accommodation when travelling with UBER.
Driving a hired car, taking the bus or train, catching domestic flights, finding your way on the road ... It's a big, beautiful country: enjoy the ride!

Don't leave home without ...
Plan ahead so you don't have any unpleasant surprises. Bring walking shoes, sunglasses, medication and insect repellant. If you forget anything, don't panic - you can buy whatever you need here.

Frequent questions
What's the weather like? How far will my money go? Will I be able to phone home? What are the facilities for disabled people like? What about the crime? ... Get the answers to a range of traveller's queries, and see how easy it is to visit South Africa.

Health tips for travellers
South Africa is a safe destination with good levels of hygiene and drinkable water. There are nonetheless some health issues that you should be aware of.


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