Guest House / B&B, 6  kilometers from Nasrec Expo Centre ( 10 minutes drive).  This venue is the closest of all the accommodation establishments to the media hub for the 2010 soccer world cup.  Tel: +27 (0) 11 6803452 or email for bookings.
Transfers can be arranged. Click HERE for pictures and info about this accommodation.


Nasrec Expo Centre - Johannesburg,  South Africa. 

Click here: Street Map to MTN Nasrec Expo Centre

Johannesburg, South Africa  

The Nasrec hub houses the Expo Centre and Soccer City, making it a prime multi entertainment area, providing soccer fans with a safe, attractive and central venue.

The MTN centre will also serve as the mobile service provider’s hospitality site during the World Cup. “We will be inviting key customers to be guests of MTN for all Johannesburg-based games where they will be entertained and will watch games on a big screen,” said Serame Taukobong, MTN Chief Marketing Officer

The entire precinct is a flagship improvement node being developed by the Johannesburg Development Agency to bridge a planning gap between the south Johannesburg and the centre of the City that resulted from apartheid.  Nasrec covers 420 hectares and currently accommodates Soccer City, the Johannesburg Expo Centre and the Crown Mines Golf Course.

“We wanted a partnership that would give unbelievable experiences to lovers of sport, music and cultural activities. We are certain that in MTN we have found such a partner,” said Craig Newman, CEO of the MTN Expo Centre


Fast-paced, frenetic JOHANNESBURG has had a reputation for immorality, greed and violence ever since its first plot auction in December 1886. Despite its status as the largest and richest city in the country, it has never been the seat of government or national political power, allowing it to concentrate fully on what it has always done best: make money and get ahead. Those priorities have, over the years, cut across political and racial lines: only in Jo'burg would ambitious black Africans like Nelson Mandela have been able to train in a white law firm; only in Jo'burg would creative hotspots like Sophiatown and Alexandra exist at all; and only in Jo'burg would white liberalism have been given any intellectual recognition in the dark days of apartheid.

Even so, the divisions of the old South Africa are as apparent here as anywhere else. Ridiculously opulent white mansions in leafy suburbs are protected by high walls and razor wire, only a mile or two from sprawling shanty towns housing millions of intensely poor blacks. As the new political dispensation sees formerly white areas administratively yoked with the black townships, so the city struggles to cope with massive pressures on housing, services and law and order. Nowhere is the new tension more in evidence than in the previously all-white central business district, where an influx of poor blacks, and a soaring crime rate, has caused a mass exodus of shops and restaurants to the northern suburbs.

As the centre readjusts, so the fringes expand: there will be a continuous ribbon of development between Johannesburg and Pretoria, originally 50km apart, within a decade. Meanwhile, the black middle class, much more evident in Johannesburg than anywhere else in South Africa, is moving from township to suburb, while tens of thousands of immigrants from elsewhere in Africa flood into inner-city suburbs like Hillbrow and townships like Alexandra.

Click the link below for directions from the guest house to Nasrec Expo centre,
the 2010 soccer world cup media and broadcast centre.

Street Map to MTN Nasrec Expo Centre